Hilti Webinars

One of the best resources to an engineer is having a good relationship with the manufacturers of the products that you use or design with on your projects. A good manufacturer will have intimate knowledge of their products, the codes they are required to conform to, as well as identifying issues that may be outside the scope of the codes. Getting to know the engineering department of your most used and trusted manufacturers is imperative.

Hilti specialise in fastening technology and offer a 360 degrees service for your build – from software for design, products and tools for work onsite to training, repairs, testing and consultancy. As part of their offer Hilti are wanting to assist in educating the market to ensure they have a full understanding of the design and installation requirements of their products. As part of this Hilti offer webinars putting you in touch directly with their in house fastening experts offering design advice and guidance as well as the opportunity to ask questions.

The next webinar offered will be Design for Post-Installed Rebar on the 6th of December at 12.00 AEDT. In this presentation they will outline how to select the correct design method for post-installed rebar with chemical injection systems, using the provisions of AS 3600 and utilising Hilti’s HIT rebar design method to optimise the design. Registration is free, go to Hilti post installed re-bar design webinar to register and put it in your calendar now!


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