Interpolate gives emerging structural and civil engineers the opportunity to extend their learning as they navigate their early careers by bridging the gap between university and work.

Interpolate aims to deliver a supportive program that promotes a life-friendly approach to professional development.

Interpolate is approachable and delivers a life-friendly program in an easily-accessible online environment. We offer insightful approaches that guide deeper questioning and contextualisation to help emerging engineers develop their own ethical framework. As well as offering a friendly sounding board to emerging engineers, helping them to navigate their early careers.

Interpolate offers two mentoring and development programs for aspiring structural engineers:

Undergraduate program

For final year civil/structural engineering students, Interpolate will give you an edge as you step into professional life. We assist you to understand your future work environment, how a firm works and gain insights into working in the structural engineering profession. We will prepare you to apply for new positions, as you learn what will be expected of you as you start working as an engineer.

Graduate program

Our graduate program will support you throughout your first year working as a professional engineer. We'll assist you to combine your theoretical base with industry knowledge to enable you to become more productive, sooner. You will learn about professional practice, industry terminology and software. We'll partner with you so that you can quickly understand how projects are run, how designs are undertaken and how to be a professional engineer.

We work directly with students, delivering online educational modules and mentoring support, as well as with structural engineering firms, product designers, builders and manufacturers to align our program to meet their workplace needs and provide career pathways for students.

Interpolate bridges the gap between information and knowledge, supporting a mental shift towards confidence and capability in the real-world work environment.